Living the dream?Track5: another brick in the wall

I can’t believe it’s nearly August – nearly three full months since life has changed 🙂 and so much to do yet! Things are rolling and I can say I m quite happy with what I have put together so far.

People are generally very cautious when it comes to acknowledge their happiness, like it’s something not to be said loud. Something to be almost ashamed of.
Maybe due to my restless teenage background or maybe for some kind of cultural superstition, I have only recently learned that there is nothing wrong in being shamelessly happy and acknowledge that. Spreading positive vibes is vital to keep good energy going around – for how hippie this might sound, I find it very true.
Life can be overwhelming sometimes, throwing an entire bucket of stone cold lemons in your face – and it’s reassuring to see in others around us that it is not always like that, that things can be better – and they eventually will for you too.
And it’s fair on yourself not to reinforce the habit of spotlighting all the negative and the misery and actually shift the focus on the good, on what is going well and on the fact that what is going well is doing so thanks to your hard work and efforts.

That said, I am not where I want to be yet, but I am learning to trust the journey and keep going, one little step at the time, building my path as I go along as everything seems to be gradually falling into its own place.
I have the feeling (and this is, yes, a very shy feeling indeed) that the initial big rush is slowly calming down and turning into a slightly more balanced scenario, still on the move but at a more friendly pace.
Funny enough, I have just recently set some new goals for my business and I started running my own classes, with all that comes with that in terms of organization, a little marketing, a lot of thinking, pondering and budgeting.
Nonetheless, it feels like I am gradually moving into the next phase, where what has been achieved so far represents a precious, vital base for me to keep improving.
It also allows me sparing some energy to actually plan my own practice and fitness time, that I have put completely aside since I left the office life (you can read a little about my feelings on devoting all your energy and time entirely to The Dream in my last post).
I haven’t really thought about that for a while, it came quite naturally to focus only on setting up the journey for my new life to start, so I can’t say “I missed it”.
It has always been here, somewhere at the back of my head, waiting for the right moment to come.
I have been saving videos, workout, suggestions, routines that I want to try as usual, but I didn’t need any additional stress or duty call voice in my ear (you might remember the nasty voice I introduced you some posts ago – and I am sure everyone has their own!), neither I do now.
Preserving yourself from extra unnecessary stress it’s an art I am learning to master over time and I am getting better at that -a matter of survival, I guess.
At the moment it feels more like a breath of happy fresh energy that finally starts remaining after all the classes, researches, planning, driving, meetings – and that I can use again for other things that make me feel good and alive as much as building up my dream. It’s a little reward and it feels great.



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