Living the dream?Track2 pt.2: be what you want to be(come)

A final consideration about this first month “living my dream” as a free-lance, after the previous juicy post.
I kept the following point as last as it’s something that has been rolling in the background throughout the whole month, but I only identify it very recently.

3. Start being what you want to become: actions, thoughts, mindset. This virtually takes you already where you want to be before you even take the first step and eventually everything will conform accordingly over time.
I mean: I want to be a knowledgeable, competent, relaxed and supportive professional, right? Then do what a knowledgeable, competent, relaxed and supportive professional would do. Research, study, practice kindness and supportiveness even when you would just like to scream or you have homicidal instincts instead or simply that support costs you struggles and self discipline. Do more things that brighten your mood and your soul so that you can pass that positive glowing energy around.
I realised that this applies to pretty much every goal one can possibly set herself for. If you want to be an active, fit, healthy person, you cannot just dream about it whilst laying on the sofa eating that last (after yesterday’s last and most likely, tomorrow’s last) pack of crisps. What would an active healthy person do? Then, do it.
Stop being a wannabe.
If you wish you spent more time outdoor, then go for that walk you have been putting off for the last two weeks. It might be a 10 minutes stroll but it will take you closer to your ideal and -trust me- it will be such a confidence boost! You prove yourself that you too can be one of those people you have always looked up to. Maybe you are not 100% there yet, but you definitely have more of it then you had when you were simply  fantasizing about how cool that would feel.
Embody, instill your dream in your daily life and over time it will become part of your nature.
It sounds very easy and banal (and probably it is) but for me it has been a sort of revelation, not only in relation to my professional journey/dream.
I am working on it in little things every day, not always successfully but this mindset has already brought some tiny changes and I keep practicing to reinforce it.
It starts as a one off and it feels quite the right thing to do, endorphins, confidence, accomplishment and all that jazz, so why not again? And maybe more of it? Maybe there are other things that have been pending, you can dust them off too… Maybe there are other sides that would complete you as an individual, make you feel truer and take you closer to a fully developed, richer version of yourself. Maybe not – everyone is different, but perhaps some people might relate to this when thinking of taking their dream out of that drawer. Someone likes just to have a glance and put it back, but some other decide that the drawer is no longer the right place for it and that is time to live the dream.



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