Living the dream?Track2 pt.1: be what you want to be(come)

Happy free-lance anniversary! Celebrating one month today with a few considerations about the beginning of the journey.

  1. The obvious but still worrying self warnings are there to serve you and I found myself repeating them (as you should), ┬ásometimes with true intentions and sometimes more because it’s part of the mindset. More like something you HAVE TO repeat yourself as a freelance.
    Do not sit on your *ss. Wake up early, do your thing, be productive, research.
    Ok until here I am all good: I master the art of keeping myself busy as I am as curious as a chimpanzee. There is always that article, that site, that spot round the corner that caught my attention…And (round of applause, please) I also have to say I don’t even get side tracked as much. I stay focused on whatever I am on, being it my colouring book or a scrumptious vegan cake recipe.
    Now, the downside.
    Go knocking on doors, make phone calls – both of whom I forcefully hate. Can’t we just sort life via email?Well, apparently not. And …you know what?Sometimes -but just sometimes- if you don’t make it bigger than it is and pretend that it’s not the pain that it actually is for me, it’s not even that bad.
    So, apparently one of the key concepts for a happy free-lancing is LIGHT HEART approach. Mental note made, while trying to keep my overthinking, anxious, pedantic side at bay. Yes, it’s tearing as it sounds (the mentioned chimpanzee can also be extremely “heavy”).
  2. People. This is something else I have often (ok, most of the time) struggled with. People can really affect you, no matter how positive you are and determined to preserve that positivity, specially when the majority of the human beings that populate your days are not friends and family. Double faced people, small talks, shallow conversations, gossips, moaners, energy drainers – and sometimes just people being themselves can annoy me beyond imagination.
    (It does sound horrible, I know. But I am brutally true to myself).
    My free lance time has seen the disappearance of the most of the people I was dealing with on a daily basis before. This means two things: more space for positive people (even if yourself only -but then you definitely have to be a cheerful company!) and/or a HUGE empty space to fill.
    I have been very lucky as the most of the inhabitants of the Pilates world (business owners, clients, peers) are really nice people, this even before the Big Change happened. Sometimes clearly there is business stepping in, but still.
    Among all these graceful souls that I have been lucky enough to meet, there are some truly inspiring ones. I mean, not inspiring in every way as we are all humans and the time of blind admiration is long gone, but some traits are really something to look at when you think where you would like to be. It’s that mix of kindness, bright energy, self confidence, acceptance, knowledge, experience, calm, openness and the innate natural talent for being supportive and appreciative without being cheesy or banal.
    In this one month there has been a few already, and this is encouraging. It can hugely lift your mood when you doubt yourself, your choices, your approach towards things and situations. So thank you, first 30 free-lance days!
    On the other side of the coin luckily (again), very few episodes and faces, some of whom yet costed me some sleepless hours, a couple of days in a sulk or some disappointed tears in the worst cases, but nothing that really knocked me down. In all fairness every time negativity has shown up ( in different ways), immediately right after I have received some good news/feedback/answers. I am still very surprised as I had never experienced something like that before. Some might think that it’s a sign that I am on the right path (am I?), but I’d rather prefer to think of a very blessed circumstance (as ┬ádon’t believe in coincidence either).
  3. Start being what you want to become – but for this one, you need Track2 pt.2, that is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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