Living the dream?Track1: intro

I have been thinking of writing about my living the dream experience many times since this all adventure started.
Less than a month ago I finally decided to quit my permanent, secure, 4 years office job to start a freelance full-time career teaching Pilates (and a few other healthy fitness bits).
It took me a year of thinking, doubts, fears, false motivation and pondering to get there.
Ooooh! You will be living your dream!“, this is the comment I have heard quite often from friends and colleagues when I disclosed my plan (unsurprisingly, a whole different range of comments came from the family, but that was part of the plan too).
But, is that true?

We often read successful stories of people who more or less radically, decided to quit their well settled life and jump into the unknown, following their passions – and obviously, happily succeeding after the initial uncertainties and some false steps.
These stories are normally accompanied by motivational quotes and are supposed to be inspiring and empowering. Are they? Sometimes. Some others, you would just slap them in the face with your laptop because, my dear friend, some people cannot afford the luxury of making such shiny decisions, for many different reasons.

But I could, and I did. I am lucky enough to be – in this very moment, not earlier, not later- in the position to close my eyes and throw myself out there, relying only on my gut feeling and the foolish, stubborn certainty that this will work out fine in the end.
I am sure that this is the destination, the sense of this adventure. I know there will be ups and downs. I know that I will be happy and I know that it won’t be easy.
And this is exactly my point: I want to share what lies behind those living the dream stories. The steps, the falls that take to those instagram smiling shots, the part of the story that is normally summarized in ” after a few years (months? weeks?), things started to roll and I am now fulfilled and that is a decision I will never regret”.

I will never ever regret that decision either. That was me going back to my true self.
At least, I can say I have this in common with the successful folks in the articles.
Nevertheless (I ADORE this word – I have a list of words whose sound or flow simply makes me happy), how on earth do you get there?
On the 1st of May I was officially a free-lance. And? What happens next? When does the part where I live the dream and smile and share my story to motivate people finding their real happiness beside what you as a grown up individual are expected to achieve, when does it arrive? Mostly, HOW does it arrive?

So…let’s see how this journey go. Let’s see what it takes to live the dream.

Live Strong. Live Happy.


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